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Auto motive epoxy adhesive

Magpow auto motive glue is two-component epoxy structural adhesive developed by the German experts in Magpow research center. It is a quick adhesive and suit for bonding metal, plastic(PVC, ABS, PS, PC), glasses, wood, cements etc. small packing and easy mixing is convenience for repairing of auto parts, machines’ parts. 

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Epoxy adhesive for stone

Magpow stone adhesive is the leading seller in China, after 10 years research and cooperation with stone processing manufactories, Magpow developed varies of stone special epoxy adhesive use for stone bonding, curing and protecting. 

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Structural adhesive

Magpow structural adhesive were developed use for construction, the inserted bar glue, epoxy steel glue and two component elastic polyurethane glue are widely use for building construction, bridge construction, road construction etc. 

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Methacrylate adhesive

Magpow methacrylate adhesive is two-component glue is a structural adhesive for wide variety of applications like bonding metal, plastic, cements etc. widely use for machine repairing, auto parts repairing. 

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