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Contact Cement/Neoprene glue

Magpow contact cement is a Neoprene glue widely use in mechanism, shoes-making, leather processing, architecture, decoration, furniture production etc. the lower cost and perfect performance made this glue popular all over the world.

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Wood glue/white glue

Magpow wood glue also called white glue in some area, the wood glue have the features of solidifying rapidly in normal temperature, high adhesive performances, easy painting and nonflammable etc. widely used for bonding wood, bamboo, paper, furniture assembling, craft connecting etc.

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SBS adhesive/spray glue

SBS adhesive/spray glue is an adherent delivered in droplet form, and it’s main component is SBS rubber, widely used to bonding rubber, leather, cloth, paper, wood and fixation of metals, plastic and other hard materials (glass etc.) It’s very popular in package industry, furniture industry etc.

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PVC glue

Magpow PVC glue is single component solvent glue which the main component is polyvinyl. Specially used to bond hard PVC also used to bond material of ABS, AS, polystyrene, organic glass, polycarbonate etc.

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